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Rotas for the current week

Please note, that these rotas are updated early Monday mornings. For the current week. The rotas are in two parts. The top rota is for Monday to Thursday. And if you scroll down, you will find the second rota. Which is for Friday though to Sunday.

Escort Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Bella 12pm - 8pm 12pm - 12am OFF 12pm - 10pm
Caroline 6pm - 4am 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am
Sam 4pm - 4am 4pm - 4am OFF 4pm - 6am
Selena 6pm - 4am 6pm - 4am 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am
Vanessa 12pm - 10pm 12pm - 10pm OFF 12pm - 10pm
Escort Friday Saturday Sunday
Bella OFF 12pm - 12am 2pm - 4am
Caroline 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am
Sam 8pm - 6am 4pm - 4am 8pm - 4am
Selena 6pm - 6am 6pm - 4am 6pm - 6am
Vanessa 12pm - 12am 12pm - 10pm OFF